November 2017

I haven't found an example that generates IR for LLVM and compiles.

I saw code examples, scripts to generate compile flags, and mention of a tool called lli that is missing from my system. In the end the compiler says I'm missing header files.

This isn't the only software I want to use that doesn't work. I tried to use GNU Lightning but can't compile the example. I have to setup LIBDIR. I can't find the package. I don't want to install from source. There are too many steps involved. It feels like too much work.

Same story with Lua, LuaJit, and Guile.

Whatever you make, please make it just work. I want there to be no extra steps to use something. Imagine spending years to write powerful software that in the end is unusable.

If you're writing software in C, please make everything available in a single .C file that can be included directly in someone else's code in a single step: #include "everything.c".

I know this sounds inappropriate but it's more likely to work.