May 2018

The number of menu bars on my computer in a typical day is 7: the desktop menu bar at the top, the browser window, the browser tab bar, the browser url bar, the menu bar of the website I'm visiting, the browser menu bar at the bottom for the last word I searched, and the desktop menu bar at the bottom. Sometimes the browser adds an eighth menu, asking if I want to translate the page. On my computer all this eats up ~1/5th of the screen. I have to stare at this every day.

I want to use virtual desktops in a 2x3 on my computer but can't. I applied a software update recently and the update broke this feature. I can't figure out how to fix it.

But I can think of a way to fix this entire chain of problems: the update problem, the virtual desktop problem, the desktop problem, the browser problem, and finally the dreaded menu bar problem. Throw everything out.